Nominations for 2022 Prizes

The next nomination period for the NSSA Prizes will occur in fall 2021.  An announcement will be sent to the membership.

We strongly encourage nominations of candidates from diverse backgrounds, including those from non- majority races, religions, gender identifications, sexual orientations, ages, disability statuses, and other identifiers.

Please submit your nominations through

Prize Winners 2020

Prof. Thomas P. Russell is the recipient of the Clifford G. Shull Prize,
Prof. Timothy P. Lodge is the recipient Sustained Research Prize,
Prof. Matthew Helgeson is the recipient of the Science Prize and
Mr. Johnny Ching-Wei Lee is the recipient of the Prize for Outstanding Student Research.

Press releases for NSSA prizes:









General Information

The prize winners shall be announced by the NSSA Executive Committee. The NSSA Sustained Research Prize can only be won once by an individual. An individual cannot win more than one NSSA-sponsored prize in the same competition, or one prize in each of two consecutive competitions. If one person is selected for the Shull prize and another NSSA prize in the same competition cycle, that person shall be awarded the Shull Prize and the NSSA Executive Committee shall instruct the Selection Committee for the other competition to select a new winner.

Selection committee membership and nomination package details can be found on the page links for the individual prizes on the right.

Prize Selection Committees

There are three selection committees, one for the Shull prize, a second one for both the NSSA Sustained Research Prize and the NSSA Science Prize and the third one for the NSSA Prize for Outstanding Student Research. Each committee consists of 5 members who shall be appointed by the NSSA Executive Committee prior to the solicitation of nominations for the two prizes. The committees shall be independent of the NSSA Executive Committee. Committee members shall represent a broad range of neutron scattering subfields. Committee membership information shall be made publicly available. If a committee member is nominated for either prize, then the NSSA Executive Committee shall appoint a replacement, if possible, from a similar subfield. The Selection Committee shall submit the names of the prize winners to the NSSA Executive Committee 5 months prior to ACNS 2018.

Unsuccessful nominations will no longer be carried forward to the next call for nominations.

Prize selection process and conflict of interest statement for prize selection committees:

  1. The NSSA issues the call for nominations and announces a review committee (TBA soon).
  2. Each committee member considers the case for each candidate.
  3. In a meeting or teleconference, committee members discuss the merits of each case.
  4. Members are excused from the discussion of any cases for which they are in conflict (Conflict of Interest Policy).
  5. Following discussion, all candidates are ranked in order of priority by all committee members, including the chair.
  6. The ranking of each committee member in conflict with a particular candidate is removed.
  7. The final ranking of each candidate is determined as the average ranking by committee members not in conflict.
  8. The first attempt to break a tie is by removing all other candidates and re-ranking by the procedure above.
  9. If a tie remains, the chair’s ranking of the tied candidates will prevail.