The NSSA supports travel and/or registration fees (including for virtual conferences!) for students and postdocs to attend conferences at which they will present their neutron-related research.  There are two calls per year for applications.

The typical amount of support is $500 to $800, depending on number of successful applicants.  The support is awarded pending review by NSSA executive committee members.

Please read the information below before going to the submission page.


November 4: deadline for conference during January 1 – June 30

May 5: deadline for conference during July 1 – December 31


  • Applicant must be a graduate student, or a postdoc within 5 years of receiving their doctorate degree
  • Applicant must have an affiliation in North America
  • Applicant must be a member of the NSSA (join here for free)
  • The applicant must present a talk or poster on an NSSA topic (e.g. Advances in neutron facilities, instrumentation and software, Hard condensed matter, soft matter, biology and biotechnology, materials chemistry and energy, structural materials and engineering, emerging applications of neutron scattering in engineering, arts and sciences, neutron physics)
  • Preference will be given to applicants attending conferences that are focused on neutron scattering techniques, including but not limited to ICNS, Neutron Scattering Gordon Research Conferences, MRS conferences.  The conference does not need to take place in the US. This award is not intended to support participation to the ACNS, for which other source of support are available.
  • One application per applicant per year (past awardees cannot apply again)
  • Applicant, not supervisor, must submit application
  • Limited funding: funding is awarded competitively
  • No more than 1 award can be awarded per research group, per call

Please note:  Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Application evaluation feedback is not provided, and all decisions are final.

Travel funding is paid on a reimbursement basis, and receipts are required. 

Application documents: 

Applicant’s CV (max 2 pages)

Abstract to be presented at conference

Applicant’s statement (max 300 words: explain importance of attending this conference and anticipated benefits (i.e. meet potential postdoc advisers, promote an exciting new finding, network with the community) .

Budget justification for the amount of support requested.

Letter of support from advisor confirming that the remaining of the expenses will be covered by other funding sources. 

Application submission dates:

There are two calls per year:

October 31 deadline for conference during January 1 – June 30

May 5 deadline for conference during July 1 – December 31

Notification of awards by ~November 15 and May 15 to allow awardees to plan their travel

Review criteria:

The applications will be reviewed based on the merit of the scientific contribution to be presented, as well as the anticipated value of the applicant to attend the conference (e.g. networking opportunities for late stage graduate students/postdocs)

How to Apply

Please submit your application here.


Previous Winners

Fall 2020

  • Ying-Heng Summer Tein (University of Delaware) to attend ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium
  • Kabir Rishi (University of Cincinnati) to attend the APS March Meeting
  • Jihyuk Kim (University of Delaware) to attend QENS/WINS