The next deadline for nominations will be in December 17, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.
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Prize Selection Committee 2020

Craig Brown (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Suzanne te Velthuis (Argonne National Laboratory)
Tad Koga (Stony Brook University)
Pengcheng Dai (Rice University)
Angus Wilkinson (Georgia Tech)


To recognize a sustained contribution to a scientific subfield, or subfields, using neutron scattering techniques, or a sustained contribution to the development of neutron scattering techniques. In either case, the primary consideration shall be an enduring impact on science. Preference shall be given to applicants whose work was carried out predominantly in North America.


The prize consists of $2,500, a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient and a travel allowance to attend the corresponding NSSA sponsored American Conference on Neutron Scattering (ACNS) at which the prize is awarded. The recipient will have an invited talk at the corresponding ACNS.


The NSSA Sustained Research Prize is expected to be awarded biennially at the corresponding ACNS meeting.


  • A letter of nomination, not to exceed 1000 words, defining the major scientific accomplishments that merit the award. The nomination should stress the impact on the science subfields that the group or researcher has made with their neutron scattering results.
  • The nominee’s CV clearly identifying the published work that relates to the award nomination. Do not include reprints unless they are not readily available electronically.
  • Up to two additional letters of support.

Submit the nomination package in PDF format through

We strongly encourage nominations of candidates from diverse backgrounds, including those from non- majority races, religions, gender identifications, sexual orientations, ages, disability statuses, and other identifiers.

The award cannot be awarded posthumously.

Previous Winners

2020: Prof. Timothy P. Lodge

For his pivotal contributions to the fundamental understanding of polymer structure, thermodynamics, and dynamics though the use of small angle neutron scattering.

2018: Prof. Norman Wagner

For his seminal and sustained contributions to our understanding of soft condensed matter physics using neutron scattering.

2016: Prof. Pengcheng Dai

For his sustained and foundational contributions which have elucidated the magnetic properties of iron-based superconductors, cuprates, and other correlated electron materials

2014: Dr. Jeffrey W. Lynn

For seminal studies of the colossal magneto-resistance effect and profound contributions to our understanding of the interplay of magnetism and superconductivity

2012: Dr. Gian Piero Felcher

For pioneering the development of neutron reflectometry and demonstrating its application to magnetic and polymer film systems

2010: Prof. Collin Broholm

For outstanding neutron scattering studies of correlated electron physics in magnets, metals and superconductors, and for science-driven development of neutron scattering techniques

2008: Prof. Frank Bates

For his pioneering SANS experiments that probe the structure and thermodynamics of polymeric fluids and block copolymers.

2006: Dr. John Tranquada

For his outstanding neutron scattering studies of the charge and spin ordering in the high Tc cuprates and related materials