Up to 4 prizes for outstanding poster presentations by graduate or undergraduate students at the ACNS meeting will be made. These prizes would normally be made to recipients whose work spans a range of specializations within neutron science (such as hard matter, soft matter, instrumentation etc.) and the work to be presented and considered would have a significant portion carried out at a North American neutron scattering facility. Eligibility requires that candidates either be current students, or be within two years of receiving their PhD, by the end of the ACNS meeting at which they wish to be considered. Candidates who wish to be considered for these prizes will self-identify at the time at which they submit their abstract for their poster at the relevant ACNS meeting, and the onus is on the candidate to show that they qualify for the prize.

An ad-hoc evaluation committee will be set up by the Conference Chair (the NSSA VP) and the Program Co-chairs for the relevant ACNS meeting. They will evaluate the competing poster presentations at the ACNS meeting, and discuss the posters with the authors and candidates, if possible.

Prize winners will be recognized at the ACNS conference, presented with a certificate and a $100 cash award.

Previous Winners


Camille Bernal (Caltech)
Patrick Corona (University of California Santa Barbara)
Luke Galuska (University of Southern Mississippi)
Gavin Hester (Colorado State University)
Claire Saunders (Caltech)
Xin Wen (University of Tennessee)


Connor Buhariwalla (McMaster University)
Jiamin Zhang (University of California, Santa Barbara)
James Torres (University of Missouri)
Lazar Kish (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


Michelle Calabrese, University of Delaware
Matthew Krogstad, Northern Illinois University
Michael E. Moore, University of Tennessee
Fred (Chae-Reem) Yang, California Institute of Technology


Tucker McClanahan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Tianhao Wang, Indiana University
Paul Godfrin, University of Delaware
Dennis Kim, California Institute of Technology


Brett Guralnick, University of Delaware
Kemp W. Plumb, University of Toronto
Jeffrey J. Richards, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.


Matthew E. Helgeson, University of Delaware
Katharine L. Page, University of California, Santa Barbara


Divya Singh, Johns Hopkins University
Olivier Delaire, California Institute of Technology


Owen P. Vajk, Stanford University
Timothy J. Rappl, University of California, Berkeley