On June 8th, 2021 (3 pm ET), the Neutron Scattering Society of America invites you to the second installment of the Neutron Café, a series to connect neutron scatterers of all ages in a casual forum and further build community.  We invite you to relax, brew a cup of coffee, and join us for an interview of several professionals with backgrounds in neutron scattering about their career paths. Conducted over Zoom and streaming over Facebook, Lisa Debeer-Schmitt and Claire Saunders will interview the following:
Hillary Smith, Assistant Professor of Physics at Swarthmore College
Dan Parshall, Senior Data Scientist at Hobsons, and former Instrument Scientist at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Center for Neutron Research
Alan Nakatani, Retired Senior Research Scientist at The Dow Chemical Company and former Research Chemist at NIST

Throughout the hour, we will hear about each person’s professional journey in both academia and industry, and how neutron scattering prepared them for their careers. 

Lisa and Claire will also take interactive questions from the audience. Links for the event to follow!

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