Proposed Bylaw Changes October 2020

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Some NSSA members may remember that the last revision of the bylaws was approved in May 2019 – over one year ago.  Those revisions instituted changes in the length of terms and overall number of Executive Committee members (see the summary of those approved changes here).  The current revisions are in addition to the prior ones, and if approved by the society, will complete the overall process of updating of the bylaws which we began in 2019.  We do not anticipate any further revisions after the currently proposed ones.

The currently proposed bylaw changes are summarized below.  To see the complete draft of the new bylaws, please click here.


The proposed bylaw changes are intended primarily to 1) reflect modern ways of conducting business including virtual meeting of the Executive Committee, communication with the society by emails and online enrollment, 2) include a Diversity and Inclusion statement 3) include a description of the society awards.

Language changes:

Original Bylaws Document Revised Bylaws Document
Corporation Society
Board of Directors Executive Committee
He or she They
His or Her Their
Him or her Them
United State Mail Email
Mail, facsimile, telephone, or mail Email
Executive Committee members Executive Committee representatives
Special meeting Virtual meeting
Special meeting place Virtual meeting platform
Prescribed from time to time by the board of directors Authorized by the Executive Committee


Specific changes

II.1. Section 1.3. Admission

The admission process is now online. This section was modified to reflect his change.

II.2. Section 1.4. Fees.

If the Society ever requires that all members pay dues, the dues will be due yearly, not monthly as stated in the original bylaws document.

II.3. Section 1.7. Transferability of Membership (original bylaws document).

This section was deleted from the revised document.

II.4. Section 2.1. Place (original bylaws document).

This section was deleted from the revised document.

II.5. Section 2.3. Special Meetings (original bylaws document).

Section 2.3 became Section 2.2. in the revised bylaws.

This section clarifies that any Special Meetings would be hold virtually.

II.6. Diversity

New section: Section 3.7: Diversity and inclusion of Executive Committee representatives

During the nomination call for executive committee members, the presiding executive committee will encourage nominations of talents from diverse backgrounds, including those from non-majority races, religions, gender identifications, sexual orientations, ages, disability statuses, and other identifiers.

II.7. Conduct of the meetings of the executive committee

New section: Section 4.6: Conduct of the meeting of the Executive Committee.

The President and Secretary of the NSSA will set the agenda of the Executive Committee meeting after seeking input from all the committee members. The President of the NSSA will typically chair the meetings of the committee.

II.8. NSSA award

New Article: ARTICLE XIII Society Member Recognition Awards