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Dr. John R.D. Copley – NIST Center for Neutron Research

For outstanding research on the physics of liquids and fullerenes and major contributions to neutron instrument development and scattering data analysis.

Dr. Michael K. Crawford – DuPont Central Research and Development (retired)

For outstanding neutron research related to industrial products and processes and extensive service to the American neutron community.

Prof. Pengcheng Dai – Rice University

2016 Sustained Research Prize For foundational contributions to the study of magnetic properties of iron and copper based superconductors and other correlated electron materials.

Dr. Jaime A. Fernandez-Baca – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For important contributions to the study of spin dynamics in magnetic systems notably including amorphous magnets and CMR materials, for outstanding service to the neutron scattering community in the United States, and for leadership in promoting and supporting excellence in neutron scattering research.

Prof. Brent Fultz – California Institute of Technology

For outstanding record of leadership and service to the neutron scattering community, and important discoveries in the field of vibrational entropy and alloy thermodynamics.

Prof. Aaron D. Krawitz – University of Missouri

For seminal contributions to the application of neutron diffraction in materials science and engineering.

Prof. Ramanan Krishnamoorti – University of Houston

For pioneering neutron scattering studies on soft materials and nanocomposites, and for sustained service to the neutron scattering community.

Prof. Timothy P. Lodge – University of Minnesota

For the creative use of SANS to achieve groundbreaking insights into the structure and dynamics of a wide range of complex polymer systems, in particular, multiblock copolymers in the bulk and in selective solvents.

Dr. Jaroslaw P. Majewski – Los Alamos National Laboratory

For contributions to our understanding of weakly organized two-dimensional systems, including surfactant molecules found in biological systems.

Dr. John H. Root – National Research Council, Canada

For considerable leadership in the Canadian neutron scattering community.

Prof. Stephen H. White – University of California at Irvine

For the development of instrumentation and data analysis techniques for membrane structure determination by neutron scattering, and their creative application to elucidation of the structure and function of biological membranes.