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Dr. Julie Borchers – NIST Center for Neutron Research

For insightful neutron investigations of magnetic materials, particularly interlayer exchange interactions phenomena in magnetic thin films and superlattices.

Prof. Robert Cava – Princeton University

For outstanding applications of neutron diffraction to the understanding of complex materials, and advocacy for the field particularly among young scientists.

Dr. Charles Glinka – University of Delaware and NIST

For development and operation of world-class capabilities for small angle neutron scattering in America.

Prof. Eric Kaler – University of Minnesota

For enormous contributions to the science of soft matter and mentoring of young scientists in scattering science.

Dr. Roger Pynn – University of Indiana

For outstanding contributions to neutron scattering instrumentation and research, and for service to the U.S. neutron community.

Dr. Steven Shapiro – Brookhaven National Laboratory

For influential studies of phonons and phase transitions, as well as for contributions to the neutron scattering community.

Dr. Gregory Smith – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For pioneering neutron scattering investigations of soft-condensed matter systems.

Prof. Haskell Taub – University of Missouri

For sustained studies of the structure, phase transitions, and dynamics of adsorbed films using neutron scattering techniques and for training of a future generation of neutron scattering scientists and engineers.

Prof. Samuel Werner – NIST and University of Missouri

For elegant neutron experiments contributing to the understanding of quantum physics and for his sustained efforts to promote neutron science.