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Prof. Robert J. Birgeneau – University of California at Berkeley

2012 Clifford G. Shull Prize recipient For his elegant and seminal studies of critical phenomena in low dimensional and disordered magnetic systems, pioneering studies of antiferromagnetic spin correlations in cuprate superconductors, and strong advocacy for the field of neutron scattering.

Dr. Larry Passell – Brookhaven National Laboratory

For his sustained and pioneering work in application of neutron scattering to studies of surfaces and crystal field excitations as well as his contributions to neutron instrumentation in the development of polarizing multilayers and novel methods of preparing monochromators.

Prof. Sunil Sinha – University of California at San Diego

2014 Clifford G. Shull Prize recipient For making seminal contributions in Neutron Scattering in many different fields including Magnetism, Superconductivity, Polymers, and Complex Fluids.

Prof. Julia R. Weertman – Northwestern University

For her long and dedicated service to the neutron community and her seminal contributions to materials science research with neutrons.

Prof. Sow-Hsin Chen – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2008 Clifford G. Shull Prize recipient For his outstanding achievements in the study of the structural and dynamical properties of water and complex fluids by neutron scattering.